first treatment

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hi everyone

Had my first treatment on Monday, did pretty well, better than I thought I would do.
side effects were minimal mainly just tired.
I'm sure I'll have some bad days as treatments go on but for now feeling pretty good.
thanks for all your support, getting through the first one was the scariest now I know kinda what to expect.
hope everything is going well for all of you. god bless and happy Easter.


  • impactzone
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    Good luck. I had my first treatment in Oct of 2006. Drink lots of water, keep your mouth clean - I got no sores and I swear it was using baking soda and salt after brushing. Have lots of meds on hand for anything else - diarria, constipation, sickness so that others can help you. Good luck!
  • hopefulone
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    Hi Dale. Glad to hear it went better than you expected and you had minimal side effects. Everyone is different and side effects vary from individual to individual. My husband has completed two treatments so far and other than the tingling for about 5 days after, is doing well. We hope it continues. In fact , he's going back to work Monday (a bit lighter work week than before) as he feels up to it right now and is tired of being home all day. His first scan after starting treatment is Wed to see if mets are shrinking. We know there will be some good days and not so good days ahead, but we're trying hard to focus on the good ones. Good luck to you. Happy Easter and God Bless
  • KathiM
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    Great news!!!! Don't forget your water...I tell all my 'patient partners' this, and all of them say how much BETTER it is with water!!!!

    Also, one shared with me about probiotics...her onc said it was ok...put back some of the natural flora and fauna being eliminated by the chemo....BUT....ASK YOUR onc before you do anything like this....

    Hugs, Kathi
  • kmygil
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    Hi Dale

    I'm glad you have that first treatment over with. It is scary until you actually do it, then it becomes "routine". There are seemingly an infinite variety of side effects ranging from very few to really wierd ones. Like Impactzone said, keep all meds handy for nausea etc, and DO keep up with your fluids. Lack of fluids creep up on you and next thing you know you are really dehydrated. If things persist in tasting really funny or if your tongue gets "slick" and white, it is probably Thrush which is yeast in the mouth and can make everything taste nasty and decrease your desire to eat and drink. Use a supersoft toothbrush to prevent sores etc. The baking soda thing is great and I recommend Arm & Hammer toothpaste or straight baking soda. Also, don't ignore your fatigue. Rest when you need to. We're all pulling for you. Take care.