non insured costs.

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currently i am being treated at bumrungrad intl hospital in bangkok. i have no insurance in usa and too young for medicaid; only 52. too many assets to hide, so have to pay out of pocket. prices have gone up 10% in 2007, plus usd down against thai baht by more than 10%, so my costs going up. for 3 CHOP, 3 ESAP, and now 3 ICE chemos
each with 600 mg of rituxin, along with 36 radiations, and other associated costs; ct scans, mri, surgeries etc, i am now aprox $90,000 in paid expenses, and not finished yet. i can compare price of rituxan here is now $4400 for 600 mg., epogen is now $450 per injection 30000 iu, neupogen- white blood booster is now $235per shot.
i know this is very cheap compared to usa prices. the big pharmas are scumbags. and they force laws to prevent hospitals from giving cash discounts below medicaid levels. need feedback from usa patients who have to pay cash as i do. how do you cope? where do you get pricing info. by the way i am very happy with the quality of medical specialists here in bangkok. they all studied in usa. any other nhl feedback. will answer all who reply. please accept me into the family of survivors. thanx, geo.