Thanks You All

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Thanks for the well wishes in messages,
It is so nice to feel connected and this site has given me that for so many years. Sad to be connected in such away but now wouldn't have it any other way.
I do so appreciate the sharing of information because learning has never been a bad thing for me. One in nine women in my Industrialized country of Canada, will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer let alone other forms. I find it shocking that it is getting worse instead of better with medical advances. I think this should be screaming volumes to the world since these are mothers, daughters and sisters of the world.


  • Susan956
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    I am convinced that this site and being able to be connected to each other gives us all strength to face the beast down...

    Take Care...

  • KathiM
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    I am so happy for you, Tara, and I am sorry I missed your first post.

    I am finally realizing that I am dealing with my daughter's passing by ignoring it, and got brought up short to that fact last week when a friend of hers called and didn't know....sigh...

    But, as far as 'getting worse'. Well, the empirical numbers are down, it's just that with the advances today, more women are going in, getting check, and finding troubles. The GOOD news is that this means the beast is being caught much earlier, before it can spread to other organs. I also firmly believe it has to do with the stresses in today's world. I'm no doctor, but I agree with those that blame a weakened immune system that lets the cancer, who is always knocking at the door, in. And, the biggest factor in weakening this sytem is, you guessed it, stress and poor nutrition.

    But, congrats for your success!!!!

    Hugs, Kathi