To Ron50

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I know that your last post told us you are leaving us due to your marriage breakup and having to move. I know that you may not get back here to read this mate and I am sorry I was not here to say goodbye.
We have been talking here for a long time my friend throughout good times and bad. I think we have helped each other and I surely know that there were times you helped me....mateship in oz is a unique thing Ron. We are the "dinky dy battlers", fellas in oz that know the true meaning of the word, mate....who are always ready to drag a mate back from the grips of depression. I am thinking of you and hope like hell that you will find better times ahead. I know that you are not in the best of health and your marriage breakup is not helping things. Stay tha course mate and return to us as soon as you are able.....your years of support here will not be forgotten.
From both Jen and I we wish you well.


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    Please, please make it back to man is an island...first look up, there is someone there who loves you, then look out, we're here for you and finally look inside and you'll see a person who takes time to lift others up and a person who is not selfish and one who has real purpose in life. It's not the same without you. I always enjoyed reading your memos both to me and to others. Always got a kick out of your name,"Ron50"'s seems a bit retro:) Hope to see you back soon, friend!
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    Dear Ron,

    I also missed you post. I am so sorry for your situation. I pray that your grieving time will end and that you will find the happiness you so deserve.