Vectibix vs. Erbitux

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I haven't posted in quite awhile because we have been dealing with the brain tumors my Dad had in November. He had stereotactic radiosurgery on Jan 4th and latest scans are inconclusive as to whether it worked or not. Dr's are leaning more towards it working.

In the meantime my Dad got his latest pet scan results today - not so great. It shows that tumors have recurred on his liver. This happened in 8/05 and he has been on erbitux/camptosar since then with good results until now. He was previously on Folfox w/Avastin in 2004. His oncologist put him on xeloda today and said this is the last thing he has to try. He said he can't try vectibix because it is the same thing as the erbitux. Has anyone used erbitux and then vectibix (panitimumab)? Is this the end of the road? I know there was a post awhile ago about all of the different regimens people on this board had used. Does anyone recall when that was or who started the post? Can anyone tell me if they have used any regimens other than those that my Dad has already been on? Thanks so much for your help.

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    Hi Deneen:
    Check out the stage 4 post about 1 week ago, started I think by Nanuk to get info on all the treatment options available.
    My husband will be starting on camptosar/erbitux after trying everything else..his onc says that if that doesn't work then he would go to xeloda/avastin (been on both before but not that combination) and after that..clinical trials (vegh trap) don't think that it is the "end of the road"..just another fork...
    take care and don't give up hope..
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    I ran out of options last July. I went to Dartmouth for a second opinion. I asked about vectibux and was told the same thing as you. It is a sister drug of erbitux and if erbitux doesn't work, neither will vectibux. I am currently on a form of Folfox. I get the 5 FU IV push instead of the fanny pack of it.

    Hass he been on folfiri with avastin? Camptosar, 5FU and leucovorin? Not sure if it would be effective after the camptosar and erbitux, but might be worth asking about.

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    I am sorry I do not know about those drugs since I am no longer in the fight with my mom against the beast. But I wanted to tell you I have been thinking about you and checking for a post from you regularly. Best wishes to you and your dad and remember it is never the end of the road until it really is the end of the road. If he is strong enough to fight keep fighting with him and searching for hope. We are coming up on the 1 year anniv of mom's death from cc on mar 21 and I SO MUCH wish that we were still in the fight.