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I have 6 more treatments with radition. After about 4-6 week wait we will find out if this inoperable tumor is gone. Just wanted you all to konw. I am very tired. I am also on xeloda. take care all.


  • betina61
    betina61 Member Posts: 642
    Mark, hoping that the tumor is gone, I will be praying for good results.
  • vinny3
    vinny3 Member Posts: 928
    Hang in there Mark. Make sure you get your naps in. Will pray for NED upon your followup.

  • hopefulone
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    Good luck Mark. Rest and think positive. Keep us posted. God Bless
  • Monicaemilia
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    I know you are tired Mark, but remember that this is temporary until you finish you treatments and that nasty tumor is gone. Keep your strength up and rest. Will be praying for you. Monica
  • katefm
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    You are in our prayers, Mark. I'm sorry you're tired. I hope for the best for you and I just know that tumor will be gone.
  • taraHK
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    Hang in there! The radiation will come to an end, and your fatigue will lift. Sending prayers and best wishes for great results. Meanwhile, allow yourself to nap/rest - your body needs it.