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has anyone used accupuncture for neuropathy caused by oxaliplatin?
Thanks Bev


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    Hi Bev,
    I did accupuncture throughout my Folfox treatments and the neuropathy was held in check. My accupuncturist said that neuropathy is something that accupuncture can help with. I also felt that accupunture helped with all of my side effects of chemo. It also helped boost my immune system and blood counts.
    I really can't say enough postive things about accupunture. I went every other week up to treatment 9, and then started going weekly.
    I live in the Denver metro area if anyone wants the name of my fabulous accupuncturist.
    Best wishes,
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    Hi Bev-

    Jim attempted acupuncture for nausea, and it didn't really work out for him. BUT, I've heard that it's great for just about everything, including the neuropathy.

    Also, I think they are using light therapy (infrared) for neuropathy. That might be something to check out, too.

    Good luck!

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    I did a google search and found some interesting information. I'm looking into it myself now....
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    Hi Bev, GREAT question. I haven't used it, but I did use Vit B6 during chemo and Alpha Lipoic Acid after...
    You will find a lot of help on diabetes sites...there seems to be a lot of info there sine it is a problem for those suffering.
    Anyway, not sure if you will be looking this far back to read this message, but I hope you are finding some good info. Allt he best - Maura