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I just read about this herb that is known to do many things incuding help the bodys immune response to cancer. It is supposed to be safe and there has been some research done recently by MD Anderson about it's benefits with chemo patients.
There is info on this site about it also.

Has anyone heard of it or tried it?????
I'm usually skeptical about most supplements because there are soooo many that claim to do this and that but this caught my eye and I read a little bit about it and it sounded good.

What do you think????



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    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it's a blood and liver cleanser kind of herb and one that I took in herbal rememdies from my Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. It's a strengthener too I think.

    peace, emily
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    I know it is considered a really good immune booster. It works in the bone marrow to build white blood cells and helps the body produce antibodies and interferon.
    MD Anderson might be doing research on it because it is structured with polysaccharides; although scientists aren't quite sure why, they believe that polysaccharides have significant anti-cancer action.
    Hope this info helps you a little...
    Take care - Maura
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    When I chose to stop chemo and go the alternative route 2 1/2 years ago, my naturopathic doctor recommended astragalus. I took it daily until last October when I thought I could cut back on some of my supplements (dumb me). Early last month when I had blood work done, my white blood cells counts, especially absolute neutrals (the ability to fight infection) were the lowest, by many points, they had been since I was on chemo. NEEDLESS to say, I am back on it and don't think I will ever stop again. We'll see what my blood work looks like mid May when I go back but I am betting all levels will be back up where I want them.

    It is not expensive at all.

    Lisa P.
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    Hi Midnte,

    Astragalus was recommended to my mom (just recently diagnosed stage 3) by a friend who is a stage 4 survivor, going on 10 years NED. He continues to take this herb and swears that it helped during the Chemo. My mom, who prior to Chemo was one only to take a daily vitamin, is currently taking the astragalus to assist her immune system while going through it. I'm also taking it to assist with mine, since I've been prone to cold after cold. Good thing, it is not expensive and we both take it in liquid form, usually a dropper full in some green tea at night or in the morning.