1 week since mastectomy

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I am back!!! I could not wait to come back to the computer to say hi to all of you and to let you know that I made it ok. I got expanders at the same time of the surgery. I still have the drains--they will remove these on Friday, hopefully. I still feel pain mainly at night when the house gets cooler but the pain medicine does its job. My husband has been a wonderful nurse in charge of my drains! My mom is also doing a little better, even though she will need a lot of physical therapy for her broken arm, once it heals.
Lots of love for all of you!!!


  • babs49242
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    So good to hear you are doing well.Keep the great attitude.
    bunches of hugs,
  • DorisB
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    I also had a mastecomy 1 week ago what's nex for you? I am looking into all my options.
  • Susan956
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    Glad you are back with us... Sounds like you are dealing with this like a trooper... the Beast so hates it when you face him with courage....

    Take Care... God Bless...

    Good Wishes for both you and your mother.

  • OregonSeaStar
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    So glad to hear that you got through the surgery and that you are doing okay! My husband was in charge of my drains, too, and it was a real relief. Good to hear about your mom, too. You both will get through these hard times together. Keep posting!
  • RNHF1986
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    Sounds like you're doing well. Must be a husband thing about the drains--it's nice to have a loving soul around to help out.

  • LesleyH
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    Great to hear from you. You sound as though you are doing so well. Left the beast in a freezer in a lab. Great. Now you can get on with your life.


  • Kathleenishere
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    Congrats. 3 weeks here for me. I took care of my drains although hubby and sister, who is a Nurse Practioner said they would...LOL. Anyhow congrats.
  • Mis37
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    I had a mastecomy almost 3 weeks ago, and got my drains out on the 22nd. My husband and daughter took care of them for me. I am really glad they are out. I am feeling pretty good right now. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.