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HI everyone. I went to see an endocrinoligist last Monday and the results of the blood tests showed a deficiency in Vitamin D. That contibuted to the sudden weakness in the spine with compression fractures along with osteoporosis. I now have to take 50,000 units of vitamin D three times a week. I am starting to move around a little better but am still very tired and weak. Besides the cold air does not help as I can't do much walking outside. I am constantly thinking of the new challenge in March. The removal of the rest of the colon and rectum. That is major surgery and I sure know everybody on this board has been thru it. I myself had many abdominal surgieries and I cannot figure out why I am so down in the dumps to get great news on my blood work that my CEA level still remains at 0.5 since
2003 when dx. with a stage 4 locally advanced cancer. I should be jumping for joy. Instead here I sit day in and day out thinking about the upcoming surgery and what they are going to find that the scans did not pick up. I do have enlarged calcified lymph nodes around the aorta area. But the petscan did not light up. They are too deep to biopsy. When the surgeon goes in March he will most likely remove them. I have an appt. with him FEb.27th. The colon which has been disconnected since 2003 is starting to show trouble with crampy bloody colitis. The DR. forsees it as a hazard down the road. The best thing to do is remove it. I am not as brave as I was years ago. I am scared to death of complications. Hopefully the back issue will be resolved. I will keep everybody posted. And thank you so much for your continued support. I could
not have done it without you guys. Your friend Fran


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    Hi Fran,

    Glad to hear you are able to walk around a bit. I am sure that the vitamin D will start to help you. Just keep hanging in there, and be strong, you will need your strength for your upcoming surgery. That is really great that your CEA is so normal.. I am sure if there were anything wrong it would be up.. stay strong..your always in my prayers.

    Your friend in PA
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    Hi Fran: Of course you are scared, you have gone through so much. You must be tired of feeling like caca (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say that on this site) and I'm sure that has a lot to do with how you are feeling now. The CEA results are amazing and show what a strong woman you are. You can do it. Monica
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    Ouch that low Vit D makes sense because your body needs Vit D to absorb calcium.

    CEA=0.5 - you ought to get it framed! You've beaten those cancer cells into submission for sure.

    I can definitely understand why you feel apprehensive about more surgeries, treatments etc...who wouldn't be, after having gone through as much as you have. But Fran, you're a fighter and it sounds like you're in the hands of some good, cautious and pro-active doctors. Please note that there is a whole lot of on your corner rooting for you!

    Take good care and thanks so much for staying in touch!

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    Hi Fran-

    Glad to hear that they found the vitamin D deficiency. In a previous post you mentioned that you were looking into the antidepressants - how is that going? I wonder if the vitamin D will also help with that. A lot of people are negatively affected mentally when they are short of vitamin D - that's what seasonal affect disorder is about, I think.

    Best of luck to you. Obviously you are a fighter - you can do it!

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    Good news is they found the problem of the osteoporosis and the Vitamin D should begin to help in a few days or weeks. It is also good news to hear that you are up and moving around. Try not to think too much about your surgery. Leave the deep thinking to your surgeon. Looks like you are now 4 years NED, which is also GREAT news.

    Apparently you are a very STRONG person because I was always told, GOD never gives you more than you can handle.
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    I pray for your courage everyday to be able to do whatever it is that you must do. When your backbone is having problems, it is hard not to be scared, worried and frantic.
    I'm so glad that they found the Vit. D deficiency, and that you are feeling somewhat better.
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    Wow Fran. I am glad that they found the cause of your back issues. It really makes sense that you would feel so depressed with this Vitamin D deficiency. It is kindof the same thing as SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Have you heard of that before? People get depressed in the winter time because of the short days and staying inside all of the time, they do not get enough Vitamin D, which then makes some people very depressed!
    I hope the Vitamin D not only helps your back, but it would make sense if your mood improved dramatically too!
    That is really great. Maybe you will start feeling a little less apprehensive about your surgery too. It is normal to be scared before any surgery, but I don't think you need to worry about cancer, etc. with a CEA of 0.5. That pretty much says you don't have any tumors present.
    So glad to hear things are looking up for you. By this summer I think you will have turned the corner and it should be really enjoyable for you.