stage IV survivors


  • JADot
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    Wow, Stage IV colon cancer in 1992, became our country's Poet Laureate in 2006. What a life!!!

    Bud, thanks so much for this uplifting post!!!
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    I know it isn't an interview with you, Bud - if it were the URL would be:

    http://www.interviews-with frustrated CSN

    I'm tellin' you, there isn't a problem with the site - it's all that goth music and acid rock you have downloaded to your hard drive. iTunes loves you, but Marilyn Manson and the spirit of Jim Morrison HATE CSN! Maybe you should download some Ozzie and let Sharon's virtual mojo be your CSN spirit guide...
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    Thanks for sharing such awesome stories. It's amazing to see so many Stage IVs winning the fight - especially when they're diagnosed at times that didn't have the drugs available that we have now.

    BTW - the site gets s-l-o-w at night - it's not just you! ;)