nipple reconstruction

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Im so looking foward to the topping on the cake as if this really matters. No it does not. Has any one ever had this done with light bulb suction under arm where all my lymph nodes were taken out. Im scared that it might disrupt lyphm system but i do have a little of what they call dog ears under arms that bothers me. And has anyone had not enough skin to grab just for the tatooeing and you have to go for graphing and is this worth it? I now have to go for the graphing. Any advice on this would be so helpful and any input that might at all help i would be so greatful. If any good experiences or bad please let me know. I highly appreciate eveyones time. God bless us all and may we have our health always.


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    I haven't had reconstruction(by choice) but I still think it matters. You should talk to the surgeon about anything that is bothering you and see what he or she can do about it. From what I read and the pictures I've seen, these surgeons are truly artists and have a number of ways to fix practically everything. So talk to them about your concerns. If it is bothering you, it matters.
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    one of the ladies in my support grp has a heart for her nipple...