Stage IV Colon cancer...hope?

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New to this board...hello!

My husband's aunt of which he is very close to was diagnosed with Colon cancer stage IV last night. She had been having bloody stools and abdominal pain for 2 months and was ignored by doctors. They finally ran some tests and found a mass the size of a lemon on her colon. When the surgeon went in to remove it yesterday they discovered several other spots aswell as cancer on her liver. He has told the family that it "could not get any worse". They are unsure if it is one of 2 kinds. One is treatable and the other is not (I think they called one kind a carcinoma??)We will find out soon which kind it is.

The surgeon did not offer much hope at all. Looking for a beam of light in a very dark situation. Any info or encouragements would be great!


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    Sorry we must meet with this news, but everyone here is very supportive.
    I found out I was stage IV March 2005. I also had a very large tumor in the sigmod part of the colon. I also had 8 tumors in my liver and resting on my bladder. I am still here and doing very well. DO not be discouraged. I was told by my onc. that three years ago he would have tapped me on the shoulder and told me to spend time with my family. But he said we have wonderful new meds now. He was right. things are much brighter today than 2000 or even 2003. I knew of a man that was dz same thing and he lived only 2 years. He did not have the meds we have today. Be encouraged . Things are much brighter. There is hope. If I can help in any way let me know.
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    Welcome to the semi-colons. On this board you will find support, advice, help, and best of all surviors and friendship. There are alot of Stage IV survior stories. Tell your husband not give up hope.
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    Yes we are always sorry to meet people this way but glad you found us. I would tell the aunt to wait until she talks with an oncologist. Surgeons just cut stuff out and I don't think are qualified to say what he did. Also I think that is wrong to dash someones hopes like that. There are many stage 4 survivors here. Tell her not to give up and we are here for her. And also she can get second opionions. I changed oncs because I didn't like his attitude. You want someone that can understand what you are going through and will fight with you until the end to rid you of the beast. If you want, print out any replies and have her read them. Also go to some of the personal pages and print out some of the success stories. Did they take any of the spots off the liver? Many survivors here have had that done and are still around to give us hope. HUGS to you and your family.

    Lisa F.
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    I too am a stage IV survivor (mets to my liver and left lung). I was dxed in March 2004 and was told by my oncologist that I had 2-3 years to live. That was almost 3 years ago and I am now NED (no evidence of disease) and very much alive. Ignore the numbers and if this doc keeps up the doom and gloom, I would look for another doctor and opinion ASAP.

    I am sure you will hear from many of the other stage IV survivors here.

    How old is your aunt?

    Lisa P.
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    Hi there. I am a stage IV survivor since March last year. I am 29 years old and it had spread to my liver and my lungs. I was told also that it was a grim outlook but this Novemeber I got the word that I was in remission. The tumor was removed from my rectum but i did not have surgery on my liver or lungs. My PET scan in November showed that all the cancer was gone. This website has been a God Send to me for support and answers to questions. I wont lie, the road to where I am today was tough but it is worth it to be able to say that I am in remission! Keep the hope alive and dont give up.
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    Hi Torij -

    I am a Stage IV survivor - diagnosed May '05 with a sigmoid colon tumor - turned out to be metastatic disease in the liver.

    After 2 cycles of chemo my scans were clear (though I went on to complete 6 cycles) - been clear since, the most recent scans being just yesterday!

    So, there is hope. And remember, surgeons cut. If they think something might be difficult to cut, then they tend to think there is little hope. When you meet with an oncologist ask lots of questions and find out what the chemo options are. Your husband's aunt could be like me and end up with chemo getting rid of the the liver mets. Or alternatively, chemo may shrink them such that they become operable.

    It's a scary road to travel down, but it is not a road without light. Take care and keep us posted. You'll hear from other Stage IV folks, I'm sure.

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    Hi, sorry you are here; but hopeful we can help.

    I am stage 4. I was diagnosed back in 2002 and now have mets to lungs and bone... and I am doing very well. I do pilates 3 times per week, walk the dogs, travel, and live a normal life.

    DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE and do not let doctors give you stats.

    Tell your husband's aunt we are with her. jana
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    as long as we are breathing, there is hope..believe.
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    I am a stage IV survivor who also had liver mets. I am 5 years clear and proof that there IS HOPE!

    Ditch that doctor and e-mail me through this site if I can help with anything.

    SHE CAN BEAT THIS!!! This site has SO many happy stories to verify that!

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    I never understand why doctors feel the need to give stats to their patients, especially when the patient doesn't even ask for them!!! Please do not pay attention to any of that. Also, I would stay away from some of the internet sites that offer statistics. My father was diagnosed with stage III cc about a year ago. Two months later, it spread to his liver. He did really well with the chemo and is currently NED. There are many tools out there besides chemo that will help your husband's aunt fight this. If you have any questions, please let us know. Also, tell her not to be afraid to get more than one opinion. In fact, I would recommend it.

    God bless,

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    never let them tell you it is hopeless. as long as your husband is willing to fight the beast there is hope. i too am a stage 4 rectal cancer survivor. my doctor also told me i had only 2 years to live. i found a wonderful nurse practioner who i now see at that office and she has given me so much hope, i dont know what i would have done without her. keep a positive attitude and pray as much as you possibly can. i too will be praying for you. god bless you and your husband

    hugs lynn
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    Here is the first thing you need to understand about a cancer cell. It is a cell with amnesia. It's a cell that is cut of from the brain and no longer in communication with the rest of the body. Get a cluster of these together and you have Lord of the Flies at the cellular level.

    There is a compound out there that brings order back to these cells and essentially makes the cell remember or even realize what is was designed to do immediately upon contact. The cell that once lacked purpose and was destructive begins to act and behave with order submitting to the body's authority.

    This is wild stuff I realize. As out there as it sounds if a cancer cell does an about face and aligns itself with the same purpose of the body it lives in it immediately stops being destructive.



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