Visited with Dr Tewari today

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Just wanted to give an update on my fathers meeting with Dr. Tewari. We meet with the doctor today. After he reviewed my fathers case he indicated that he is a perfect candidate for robtic surgery. He aslo stated that my fathers cancer is in the right lobe with 3 of the sections indicating cancer from 20% to 80%. He indicated that there is a 20% chance that it penatrated the prostate wall to the nerves. If that is the case he will have to remove the cancer and the nerves which he considereds C removal which unlike A removal more nerves will be damaged or removed which may cause a 30% chance of not regaining sexual functions and lastly he stated that there is a 2% chance that he may need radiation. However, he stated that this is the worse case scenario. He believes that my fathers case is not that bad and should have normal healthy life. As he does not think the PC will be the cause of his death. So far we are scheduled for sugery in February. I will keep you posted. Hope all is well in 2007.


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    Thats GREAT news to hear.Dr Tewari (and his staff) are fantastic.
    I will keep your dad in my prayers. PLease tell him I send my best and if he ever needs to talk again, please dont hesitate to call.