Happy New Year 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello to all of my special friends!!!

I know that I haven't been around but you all are never far from my thoughts and prayers!!!!!

I want to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND SAFE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys have gotten me to 2007!!!!! I just want to say Thank You!!! I am just taking one day at a time!!!

Best Wishes and Hugs and Rainbows for ALL!!!!!!!!




  • Russell05
    Russell05 Member Posts: 60
    Happy New Year to you too Sue. May God smile on you, as you will be very blessed and well. My prayers are with you. I hope you have your best Year ever in 2007.

    Hugs, Russell
  • Lisa Rose
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    Happy New Year to you also Sue.

    Lisa & Andy
  • pink05
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    Happy New Year to you and everyone on this site!!!

    God bless,

  • scouty
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    Thanks Sue,

    Great to hear from you. Woody has been asking how you are???????

    Hugs, Lisa P.
  • Kanort
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    Hi Sue,

    It is great to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.

    Best of health and happiness in 2007.