Merry Christmas to my family

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When Monday comes, I will board a plane for Holland. After, of course, spending Christmas morning with my family here. I had hoped that this year would be exclusively merry, but with the sudden death of my daughters' dad, well, we are reminded that things can happen that change everything in an instant.
I am grateful to all of you here, and sing your praises where ever I go. You all truly are a Godsend!
I am hoping that when I arrive in that far away place, I will get a true 'White Christmas' (they have TWO days...25 and 26, and I will be there for the 26).
I wish for all of you a serene and happy holiday...and I will 'see' you next year!

Merry Christmas hugs,


  • kerry
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    Merry Christmas to you Kathi. Have a safe trip.


  • jsabol
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    Have a wonderful Christmas; I am sorry that it is not all merry, but you have such an awesome attitude, I'm sure it will see you through the tough times. happy New Year. Judy
  • Betsydoglover
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    Kathi -

    Merry Christmas and good luck with your trip.

  • alta29
    alta29 Member Posts: 435 Member wishes to all of you !!!!
    God bless
  • oneagleswings
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    Merry (hopefully white) Christmas to you too Kathi
  • Kanort
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    Merry Christmas, Kathi.

    I missed the post about your daughter's father. I am so sorry.

    Have a safe trip and a White Christmas.


  • Russell05
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    Be safe and enjoy you trip Kathi. Our prayers and thoughts will be with you for a safe return.

    Until then be blessed and well, Hugs