Show a Caregiver you Care

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Is the theme of this months newsletter. Since I got mine earlier today I have been trying to think of a way to acknowledge and thank these very special angels.

I decided to leave it to my fellow semi-colons to help me honor them. Add your thoughts to this thread. Thanks in advance, but mostly:


Lisa P.


  • JADot
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    I am off to hug my husband now :)

  • Joy1216
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    My 26-year old son called last night and asked if I minded if he didn't come home for Christmas since he couldn't find a reasonably-priced airline ticket. I told him that was fine because he came home this spring right after my surgery to take care of me when I really needed him (my husband works nights). He also bought my airline ticket to fly out to LA to see him this summer. Then he and his girlfriend spent Thanksgiving with us. What more could I ask for? I think he was a fantastic caregiver, along with my wonderful husband of six years. I'm very fortunate to have two loving caregivers. Don't know what I would have done without them.
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    Yes, Thanks to all caregivers, they are an inspiration to all. We could not make it without these angles.

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    I didn't have a care giver, per se, but many of you were there with me and to all of the caregivers, friends, family and anyone who touches the life of a cancer survivor or family in a positive way... thank you.
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    I really did appreciate and still do ... everything my husband did for my while I was sick, after my first colon cancer surgery, he even painted my toenals for me... now thats love.. lol

  • Monicaemilia
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    The day after I was dx my mother took a year off work to take care of me. My dad and his wife have now come over from Argentina to care for me while my mom goes to work. My spouse has been a godsend, my son a beacon, and my family and friends have demonstrated to me what a blessing God has bestowed upon me. There is something positive to say about this terrible disease, and that is that it brings out the absolutely best in people. Thank you to all of them. They are the reason I am here. Monica
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    Thanks, Scouty for this wonderful reminder. My friend, Kris, helped me out as well as taking over as caregiver for my mom.

    A big thanks and hug to all of the current caregivers!

  • kerry
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    My family here has been my biggest caregiver and I thank all of you!!

    My parents (bless their hearts)have taken me to all my treatments here in Austin and traveled with me to Houston. (they are no spring chickens either)

    My dear dear friends both in San Antonio and Austin helped me through the last 4 years with this disease. They are truly Angels to give up their time for me. They will be truly in my heart forever.

    Thanks for a nice post Lisa!

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    I think it's a great idea, but it wasn't clear in the newsletter just how to do it..they mention
    Expressions Page, the Webmaster, the ACS Book,Resources, the home page, member page, and suggest we send our 'celebrations" to the webmaster.. it needs some clarification... bud
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    I am thankful for my parents who moved north from South Carolina up to Minnesota during the school year for 3 years to take care of me and my family during my healing. My father drove me to my "treatments" every week. He drove my children where ever they needed to go. My mother cooked dinner for my family every night for the first year. I cooked my own macrobiotic meals so I didn't have to worry about feeding my family my "weird" food. My children juiced for me during the day and my hubby juiced me at night. I had a morning prayer partner and started the day out right. I had a good friend cook me some wonderful macrobiotic meals and taught me alot. She also supplied me with fresh veggies from her organic garden. I appreciate the woman from my coop who would point me in the right direction when I was standing and turning in circles in the supplement aisle. There are so many......and I REALLY appreciate my Traditional Chinese Medicine practioner who kicked me in the hinder when she felt I was slipping away and not choosing to live. She was my biggest cheerleader. I give her a lot of credit for me being here today. She was awesome!

    And lastly, I thank all of you on here who give part of their day to create this loving atmosphere of hope and healing and support.


    peace, emily who needs to personally thank her caregivers, not just publically!
  • KathiM
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    Oh, dearheart! My thoughts exactly!!!! They have the REAL wings!!!! And, when we (occasionally) get out of sorts, we sometimes turn our frustration towards them, and they still love us and take our moods in stride.

    We would be nowhere without our support team!

    Hugs, Kathi