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I don't know if you remember me, but my mom was diagnosed of stage IV NSCLC last Sept 15 2006. After 6 agonizing weeks of tests and further investigations, she started her treatment with Tarceva on 1 Nov. Yesterday, she had her first xray after Tarceva, and her oncologist said that she couldn't find anything! Xray results aren't conclusive so my mom has to undergo more CT scans and stuff... but it was such a good feeling to hear that!! I know I shouldn't keep my hopes too high up, but I'm sure you guys can relate -- after hearing so much bad news, all you ever want to hear is something good! I'm SO HAPPY! Thank God! :) Her oncologist said she could even go back to work (she was asked to immediately quit work upon diagnosis) if she wanted to!

God is good! Thank you for your prayers, please keep on praying for my mom that her CT scan would produce the same good news: "SO FAR SO GOOD - I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING HERE!"



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    The good Lord answers prayer and still does miracles.

    Stay positive,

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    Im glad you and your Mom got good news. I know how this stuff can turn your world upside down in every way possible.My prayers are with you and your mother.
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    Oh so wonderful! Thank God for His Blessings!

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    That is terrific news about your mom. I am currently taking Tarceva. It is so inspiring to read the positive feedback. Cancer can be so very devastating and it is great news for all of us when someone has a good report, so thank you for sharing. And Yes, God answers Prayers !
    Sincerely, Jaree
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    I see a lot of God this and that here. And I don't know. But I do know I like good news when it comes to lung cancer! So thank God your mom is better. It is neat to hear.
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    Many thanks to GOD indeed!

    Thanks for your prayers everyone. You are all always included in my prayers awe well.

    Merry (early) Christmas!
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