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Topic of drinking beer has come up for person with NHL type Bcell SLL/CLL. Two doctors he sees know he drinks beer on a regular bases. Neither have told him to stop, or discussed any risk of drinking beer. Has anyone else drank beer while undergoing chemo. If so, did you suffer any side effects related to drinking? His counts are great, and his liver counts are excellent. Family members are the ones having a problem with this, and feel he is taking a risk by drinking. Please comment.


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    I am sorry that your loved one is dealing with cancer. I am a colon cancer survivor. I never had any type of alchoholic beverage while I was on chemo. I can understand why you are concerned. Perhaps someone in the family could accompany him to his next oncologist visit and the subject could be approached and discussed with his doctor. He also might benefit from a cancer support group so that he could comfortably express his concerns and fears about his diagnosis.
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    I've drank beer and wine coolers on chemo. It generally never bothered me, but I had a few episodes where the drugs somehow amplified the alcohol out without warning. Just four or five ounces of beer suddenly hit me like I had just drank a couple of cases. I was passing out, couldn't stand or talk properly, was sweatting so bad I looked like I was standing in a rain storm, and my friends tell me I was as white as a sheet. I don't drink on chemo anymore.
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    I have large b cell agressive nhl. I have drank beer in between chemos just to have a little normalcy in my life. It has had no abnormal side effects. The doctors usually don't promote heavy drinking because you need full function of your liver to help with the chemo. When I asked, they did not recommend, but they said a few here and there would be ok. Good luck!!
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    My oncologist's recommendation is no alcohol during chemo, due to possible interaction. Also, the liver needs all it's capacity to handle chemo, and alcohol would place extra stress on the liver. He also mentioned possibilities of episodes similar to donaldo's (above), which could seriously endanger the patient and others. One or two beers, few and far between would "probably not be a problem."
    I tend to agree with the family members.... he is in the battle of his life; why compromise the weapons he has, and with which he is fighting the battle.
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    well going threw cemo i can't beleive that you even feel like drinking but beer has a lot of nutrients in it that your body needs to heal itself so i would think that it would be ok