Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy

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Did anyone watch the Lifetime Channel Movie on Monday ...Why I wore lipstick to my mastectomy? I thought the first part when she had so many decisions to make was very well done ... how the doctors all said ... "but it's up to you". The actress did a good job of getting my emotions worked up ...I was crying for most of the first part. The second part was more about the why she delt with it so it was less "oh yea ... I know about that" kind of thing. Overall ... I thought it was a nice story and a nice movie.


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    I watched it too, with a whole box of kleenex! I agree, the part where no one would tell her what to do, was so familiar, it hurt! I was glad they used some humor throughout the movie. I'm going shopping for the perfect shade of red lipstick for the big day, 11/6!
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    I don't have a TV but I read the book. It was great! I wasn't quite so young when I was first diagnosed (I was 44) but I could still identify with a lot of what she experienced. We both had a mastectomy, but I didn't think to wear lipstick!
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    I did not watch this movie but i was sent an email regarding lipsticks and LEAD. Here is a test to do 1. Put some lipstick on your hand. 2. use a Gold ring to scratch on the lip stick. 3. If the lipstick color changes to BLACK then you know the lipstick contains LEAD. I also tried this on my pencil lip liner and it worked. I threw most of mine away. This information came from a Dr. Nahid Neman from Mt Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Some food for thought... stay healthy, and may GOD Bless you all.
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    Watched it. Remembered. Told everyone to watch Saturday (tonight) for the encore. Very close to my experiences.

    I LOVED the part about "everyone should have a porn name....hummmm"

    Hugs, Kathi