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I will be taking this intravenously, Doxorubicin (Adriamycin,Adria) Cytoxan (Cyclophosphamide) and Docetaxel (taxotere). I am ER/PR neg and HER Neg. every 3 weeks for 4xs. anyone have any comments on how these drugs effected you personally. I know we are all different i just kind of want to prepare myself for different things that may be up ahead.. thank you all and May GOD Bless.


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    I understand that they give all of them together now ... my first dx back in 2000 I had the Taxoter in 4 treatments after the first group which extended the whole process out to 7 - months. I have to say they gave me different side effects ... the AC was harder on the tummy and I needed to take the anti nausea meds the dr perscribed but that was only a couple days ... and it isn't the very next day was usually 2 days after the treatment for me. The Taxotere gave me some joint pain and the dr again prescribed me some steroids ...which made me balloon up and I haven't really lost much of it yet. I am glad to see you are HER neg. I am strongly positive and I have had a recurrance to my bones ... and I think it is because of the HER. I was only a stage 2 ... so go figure. But on a brighter note ... I just had lunch with a friend that was originally stage 3 and she is doing great!!! I wish you all the best and just hang in there with the knwoledge that once it is done you will feel better again!!! And it will be oh so much better!!! Jamie
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    I had A/C 2 weeks for 4x and then taxol 12x each week with Herceptin. The A/C made me very tired and I had neaseau on Day 3 & 4 pretty bad. Normally didn't each for a day or two each cycle. Also of course I lost my hair...ugh... I was very glad when the A/C was over. As for Taxol (it is essentially the same as Taxotere), it did not make me as tired and my tummy felt much better. The issue with it for me was that I lost a couple of my toe nails and my fingers and feet were very sore (nerve damage), I also gained 14 pounds due to the steroids that they gave me. But the good side... is that it does go away. I have my energy back.. my hair and toe nails are back... and I worked real hard and lost not only the 14 pounds but another 8 pounds.

    Take Care... God Bless... and know that this is just a temporary bump in the road of life....

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    Hi There,

    Well I am on treatment 4 tomorrow of A/C, and I will tell you that it has been a breeze for me. I think that attitude is the 1st step in beating some of the side effects. Think positive. I know that some have side effects, but believe that you won't. I start 12 weeks of Taxol in another 3 weeks. I have some feeling of concern becasue it is an unknown, but here is the bottom line. WE WILL SURVIVE.

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    A/C is really some potent stuff. I didn't have the taxotere just the A/C,I too lost my hair,I remember flushing and a heavy feeling in my chest for the first 2 or 3 days followed by exhaustion.Some times there were body aches or bone pain but most of that was due to shots of Neulasta I was given to bring my white cell counts back up to get ready for another treatment.Usually though about the time you start feeling better it's time for another treatment.The day of the A/C and for 2 days after drink lots of water to flush it out of your system.Winter time is also coming up so please stay away from alot of public places (Wal Mart and such)because the chemo will knock your immune system down(mainly during your nater period)(ask the nurse to explain this) making you very vuleranable to anything and everything which can cause your treatments to be put off.
    It will be over soon,just take extra special care of yourself.They are right , it affects everyone differently -some go through it like a breeze-I hope you are one of them.
    We are here when you need us.
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    HI, I also had the combination of Taxotere w/A/C at each infusion. Funny, that I am just finding out that YES that is how they are doing it now. But had no info from others since TAC regime is only a few years new.
    I am at 1 year and 4 months and would have been more than Happy to hear that it does NOT take you 6 months to "get back to feeling better".
    I visited my Primary and she just last week told me she has had more women come in from the same chemo treatment and having a very hard time.
    Now; I had 6 treatments so, I think it's harder for me. I do know someone who had 4 and called me to say, "Kathy, it will be at least a year".
    For me mostly the chemo after the fact (starting back to my job) began to really affect my legs and joints. For me if I had known this it would have helped make me feel not so crazy. But, PLEASE ask your doctor for Pain Medication, since it can be tough. PLUS, once you are "done" personally I would start taking some Joint Support from the Health Food Stores just to start your bones mending. I lost 2 inches in height during this year, after treatment.
    Right now I go to a Pain Specialist and doing Breathing Techniques and a little stretching. (Tai Chi, Yoga, etc.)
    PLEASE, DON'T WORRY. It's all part of one of the most successful treatments, just use this board to talk and know you have "Tools" out there for recouperating. I myself am Thank-Full you posted because 6 months ago everyone in my family thought I was faking it. If I and the doctors only knew back then.
    HOWEVER, you are having only 4, which is great! And you have all the love and support here on this website. You'll do great and remember, we are all different. So, you may not have even CLOSE to the effects as I did. Sorry to ramble on, but I check this site most every day because it gives me so much hope and connection with everyone who has "been there done that" and had ALL the horrific side effects from A/C and/or Taxol. BIG HUGS to you and hang in there and keep us posted.
    ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! Naked Happy Dance when your done, just ask Kathi M. Laugh a bit everyday! :-}
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    Oh, my dear....everyone is different. (Don't you just HATE it when people say that????). I was pacing with a gal who would get up after infusion, run back to work, and rest only during the other signs of life changes!

    My breast chemo was only 6 months after my colon chemo...I blame some of my reaction on that. BUT the BIG thing is....WATER, WATER, WATER!!!! 64 oz day before, day of, and day after. Flush out the stuff ASAP!

    Hugs, Kathi