Cofactor instead of Leucovorin?

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Has anyone used cofactor instead of leucovorin when getting 5FU? Cofactor is in trials currently, but not approved yet by FDA, I believe.

Cofactor, as I understand it, has the same stuff in it that leucovorin has. It works with the 5FU to kill the cancer. But the cofactor does not have to be metabolized like the leucovorin and is supposed to be more effective in working with the 5FU to kill the cancer.

I'm all for improvements, even if they're incremental.

There is info on this at


  • StacyGleaso
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    I didn't use it back when I got the chemo. I was on 5 fu, camptosar and leucovorin.

    I agree, though, new advancements need to be considered for those who aren't responding to current meds available.

    Can't wait for the day when NOBODY needs chemo....sigh....

  • carmen07
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    I have read a lot about Cofactor and the results 85% of patients on trial with 5o% result in tumor size and long time to cancer progression. Hopefully it will be approved soon. They are looking into testing with Oxi also. Clinical trial in are area but they are not recruiting yet. My husband is hoping to participate.