I want to donate bone marrow

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I want to help by donating my bone marrow. I would REALLY like to help a child. I am having trouble finding out where to donate. I saw something on tv about someone connecting to a child in need on the web. I would like very much to get on a list for a child. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks.


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    if you can do it! i had a bone marrow transplant after my cancer came back. it saved my life and i am forever grateful.
    god bless vanessa primrose
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    The national marrow registry has an excellent website that explains the whole procedure. Their website is

    There are several ways to register to be a donor: online, in person during a drive, or you can just send them the results if you've been tested before.
    It costs $52 to register online, because the tissue typing is expensive, but it's completely tax deductible. It's usually free if you find a drive.
    If you register online, they send you a kit in the mail (it takes about 3 days to get it), you use a DIY mouth swab kit, and mail it back to them. They run the tissue typing tests, and then they contact you if you are a good match for somebody.

    You can also check if they have any donor drives where you live. You can search by zip code:
    If you want to get tested and donate only if you're a match with a relative or a friend, but aren't open to donating to anybody who might be a match,you will probably have to do the tissue typing privately. It costs about $300 to do it privately, unless the recipient's insurance covers it.

    Let me know if you need more info.