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My name is mike and have been reading the post now for about 2
1/2 years now.I have found a lot of info that has helped me.I am 52
years old was found to have prostate cancer March 18 2004.PSA at the
time was 68.Went for biopsy found 9 out of 10 to be a gleason grade
of 4-5=9 was told I had T4 prostate cancer.Started neoadjuvant
harmone therapy using Lupron.After 3 months started radiation
treatments 48 of them.After the Radiation and Lupron PSA went to .36
whitch of course I was very happy.Stayed on lupron after about 7
months psa went to 34 and so we kept lupron and added cassodex psa
went to 1.8 After 5 months the psa went to 33.I now am on
lupron,cassodex and have started chemo (taxtere).Through out the
entire time several bone scans,ct scans,and nucler scans whitch
showed negetive.Noticed pain I my back was getting worse so after
another ct scan now have found cancer on 3 lower ribs and in the
lumber spine.Now have started rad to try to help the pain.So now am
on lupron,cassodex, taxtere,and radiaton.PSA has gone back up to
6.6.I hate having to burden anyone but if you have any ideas please
let me know.With the pain in my back I am scared I am going to have
to quit work and that worries me.
Thank You,
Mike Tilley
PS sorry this was so long.


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    Hi Mike - I presume your love of work is for financial reasons rather than total love of the job. By the way you didn't say what your work was.

    I have a similar problem to you same sort histology and mine has metasised to the lymph system but no pain yet. However I have had back surgery so have had to put up with spinal pain and use a machine that sends pulses to my nerves to control the pain. It offers relief rather cure. It is called a TSE/TENS machine by a firm called Acticare. It is small, will fit in a trouser pocket and can be used at work.

    If the pain is so severe and you are not driving or operating machines then 2 ibuprofen and 2 paracetemol pills will give relief but you might feel a bit spaced out. This remedy was given to me by a breast cancer sufferer whose condition had metasised to her bones and brain. It does work.

    I am in Europe so you might need to Google TSE/TENS to find a local supplier for the machine.

    My best wishes
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    Been there done that. My scenario is similar to yours. The bone pain can be overwhelming. I have metastacis to ribs, spine and pelvis and I am presently taking vicadin for pain relief. It is amazing how the meds will cut the pain and still allow me to function. I started off with just a half a tablet when needed. here of late though the pain has increased (the disease is progressing) and I take a tablet every four to six hours some days. Other days the pain is not as bad and I do not take as many tablets. I am still working, although it is not fun I am still able to perform my duties. I must say that if and when the pain goes to the next level I may consider disability. I have been active and healthy all my life until This dreaded disease took its toll on me. I have been battling this disease since January of 2001. My prayers are with you.
    M Beavers
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    Mike, im new to site.diog. in 97 did radiation, luprion,+casadex psa went to 15 started taking pc spes psa went to 0.3 4yrs no sign of cancer. ps specs taken of market 2002. am now on PROSTASOL.since 2003 same results. talked with other users of product same results.
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