I did it!!!!! 3.2 miles!!!

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I was an honorary team member for the Orange County Komen Race for the Cure today....and, I am proud to say, 3 months post treatment....I walked the WHOLE THING!!!!!! It was up and down a BIG hill....but was incredible. There was a HUGE amount of people!!!!!! I am so happy to have had the experience! (And, one gal said it well....it was like adult trick or treat for we survivors...MANY GOODIES!)

Hugs, Kathi


  • lovonna
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    You go girl! LoVonna
  • krkath
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    YOU are incredible! Congratulations on how far you walked. It must have been tough. Hope you take the time to treat yourself to at least a nice long hot bubblebath!
    And lots of goodies. Must have been fun at the end. Take care of yourself. YOU ARE SO STRONG. And have gone through so much, you make ME believe, day by day, I too, can and will get stronger.
    Thank-You for doing this, for yourself and for all us.
    Totally Sincerely,
  • Susan956
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    What a trooper.... Horray for you.... But we would have expected it you. I am glad you had a good time. I guess by now you are probably headed home. Hope you have a good trip back...

    Take Care... and Thanks for showing up for the rest of us.