Any adults with Wilms' Tumor?

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I am a 25yr old who had Wilms' tumor 3 years ago. Had a really hard time with the treatment and have a 80% chance of it comming back. Is there anybody out there with anything to say about having Wilms' tumor, a childhood disease, as an adult?


  • 4gaugler
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    I also had Wilms Tumor but as a toddler. What I know about Wilms Tumor is that they normally know where it goes if it metz and they can monitor the kidneys closely to see if it does come back. Survival rates are very high for Wilms Tumor patients, so keep your head high and keep getting your check ups. The anxiety never really goes away even after 35 years. I still worry about it returning. I try to live each day as a gift and make sure I take time to enjoy life. Sometimes I have to stop because I am getting caught up in the hustle of it all and forget about what is important to me.

    There are childhood cancer support groups out there that the ACS might be able to point you in the right direction for your area of the country. Another good source is the hospital you were treated at and the child life department. They might also have information for you.

    Keep searching for what you need. It is there. Of that I am sure.

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    I was dignosed with a wilms tumor when I was 4 I am 25 now, but it was only accidently discovered due to a series of events, including an apendictmomy and the repair of a twisted intestine.