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I am new to this board and am so glad I found all of you. I took some time to read postings from 1-61 pages. I was able to follow some of your stories.
I don't believe in coincidents anymore....I believe God has his hands in everything. Whether you are in long remission or just beginning the journey, your stories are an inspiration! U have shown me I can be recently diagnoised or in remission along time or having a reccurance.........there is always 'hope'. Ur stories help take the fear of not knowing to.... knowing what might/might not lye ahead. I get great peace from all of you.
Sept. 2004 my pap test came back with the presents of carcinoma (I know a pap test shouldn't have shown it)
I was dx OV IIIc Sept. 2004 Lymph/vital organs clean.
At first they thought I had uteran cancer because I had a hysterscopy where a small spot was found. But when they did the hysterectomy there was a small area outside the uterus.
There was microscopic cells in my primary peritoneal, which I fully don't understand what that is all about.
I had my hysterectomy Nov. 2004
Started my first chemo after Christmas 2004
I completed chemo May 2005
I just had a CT Scan 4 days ago and NED
My CA125 has always been low (8,7)my dr doesn't think it is a marker for me, but continues to ck it every 3 months.
I just learned I can call my dr the next day after my CT scan to get the results before my office visit. They fax my results the day of the test/the next morning. So, from now on I will do my CT on Monday and call dr on Tuesday for result and have my office visit with dr on Thursday.

There is not one thought or feeling mentioned on this board that we all have shared.
Please keep posting...we need HOPE!
God bless u and your families.


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    I felt just like you when I first heard about this board. I believe if we listen God will lead us to what we need. I had a lot of questions and desperately needed answers when I found this site. It is nice to have a place to go where everyone understands your story. It sounds like you are doing well. Keep the strength and faith. Good luck!
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    Hi Debe, I read all of the postings when I first came into the board, too-but that was about 4 years ago-you've done a lot of reading! I'm glad you're here, and I hope you'll continue on and participate. We have a good group here, I think.