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Hi Everyone

I am recently diagnosed and had a left mastectomy on July 19th. Not sure what my treatment will be at this time. This site is very imformative and insprational!!!!

Thanks to everyone


  • KathiM
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    Welcome, Lana! (Although I hate saying that, means you have tangled with the beast!!!!)
    This is a great family here...I learned many tips thru posts I did and others....also check out the two chat rooms....they are very lively and fast-paced!
    Please keep up posted...

    Hugs, kathi
  • LesleyH
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    Hi Lana,

    I, too, regretfully welcome you. I would also rather have never had to go on this journey, but here I am. If I can share any of my experiences, please just ask.


  • pansylover
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    Hi Lana! sorry to hear you are doing the beastly dance too. As Kathi and Leslie have mentioned..this is a great place to get tips and questions to ask your health team. It is also uplifting to come here and vent if you need to. May your beast be conquered !!
    huggs and blessing to you :)

  • Susan956
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    Hi Lana,

    You will find that everyone here will try to provide information and support anytime you have questions. For all of us, it helps to know that someone has gone down the same path and conquered it.

    Take Care God Bless

  • ireneingeorgia
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    Hi Lanath. Hate meeting you here, but we are here for support and friendship and it has kept me going throughout my fight with the beast. Anytime you want to chat, drop me a line. Make sure to try the chat rooms, wonderful people, with great sense of humor and lots of wisdom and experience unfortunately.
    You can read my story too if you like under ireneincordova in the web page section.
    Together, we have support and friendship. Be well.