mastectomy with reconstruction

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I need some input from others who have had this surgery. I had a simple Mst. 2 weeks ago today and they placed a spacer under the muscles to stretch the skin for a later implant. My concern is when/if the pain will go away soon or is this a condition that will last indefinitely?


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    I am probably not the best person to respond, but I am going to anyway. I had my mastectomy with reconstruction 16 years ago. Surgery is somewhat different now, but believe me the pain will go away. First, you usually have to go through the filling of the spacer until the desired space is formed, creating a pocket for the implant. This is usually painful too, but extra strength Tylenol before each procedure and after helped. If the pain is intolerable, speak with your doctor. They should be able to evaluate whether this pain is to be expected or something out of the ordinary that needs to be checked. Pain makes you deal in the here and now, but believe me, it will get better. Just take care of yourself and rest when you can. I carried a small pillow with me everywhere and kept my arm where the mastectomy was done elevated on that pillow. That helped.

    I know someone who has had the procedure more recent than me can help you more, but know that we are all here for you. Ask as many questions as you need to - to us and to your doctors.

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    I had a second mastectomy about a year ago. That side was a simple mastectomy and they did the spacer right away. The pain did go away but yes, while they were expanding I did have discomfort. I noticed a drastic difference after they removed the spacer and put in the implant. The spacer material is alot harder. Hang in there and talk with the doc if motrin or tylenol doesn't help