The lump

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I had mammogram and ultrasound. I knew there was something different when technician went out and called radiologist. I have a nodule, lump?, in my breast. Now I have to wait for biopsy and I sure hope the wait is not too long. I guess I'll keep cleaning the house. Maybe closets now.


  • Susan956
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    Know that we are with you in mind and spirit... Hope you manage to get quick results and that they will be great and that this will just turn out to be a time in your life when you needed to have the cleanest house on the street.

    Take Care... God Bless...
    Let us know how you are.

  • happyplace
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you, I know how you feel the waiting is very hard. Be very proactive and call your physician until you get the appointment.
  • KathiM
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    Hey, my dear...hugs from me...waiting is the WORST!
    Remember, over 90% of all breast lumps are benign...
    (AND if you finish cleaning your house, you can come clean MINE...hehehehehhe)
  • TereB
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    I'm going for biopsy on Friday so the wait will not be long; I still have time to work at home, maybe the closets now. I know it is is silly but I cannot get the idea of a huge needle out of my mind!

    Kathi, if I make it thru this I can come organize your closets, I will have plenty of experience by then he, he.

    Thank you all for the support, the hugs and prayers.
  • katcam
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    yes, the wait is the worst - i had to wait almost 2 weeks for my results and it was torture!! and it turned out to be benign (yeah)try to keep busy - we're all rooting for you!! let us know how things turn out...think the best (easy to say, hard to do).