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HI there, My name is Sharon and I am 55 years young. I was in college and I had two months left for graduation. I went to the hospital with a bad cold, couch and I thought I either had pneumonia or my lung collapsed because my chest hurt so bad. I was told I had pneumonia but that I also had lung cancer. I had 2/3 of my right lung removed with surgery and then I had 4 treatments of chemo. I never knew how degrading chemo was and how much it hurt. It went into my whole central nervous system and I was in severe pain.It affected my joints, musels, bones...you name it. I was so bad I wanted to just close my eyes and not wake up. I finally got throught this ordeal. I remember waking up and finding my hair in my hands. I was so hurt. I had long brown colored dreary hair..lolol now my hair is comming back and its so cute. Its short, curley and a few gray highlights threw it..its really the oposite from what it use to be. I then returned to college and graduated this past Feb, 2006. I am now a Medical Assistant and I work in a Doctor's office. Cancer is not a death wish. when I first heard the word caner, I panict. I cryed, I yelled to the top of my lungs. I was scared to hell. I did exactly what the doctors told me to do. I trusted them with my life. And now Im here to tell my story and to help others if I can. I am still scared. I think everyday if the cancer will return. I guess thats a normal feeling im told. Anyways, My brother who was only 48 years young passed away 3 weeks ago from lung cancer. He knew he had it 4 yrs ago and didn't tell anyone. Last year he ended up in the hospital and we founf out he had cancer. He ignored it for 3 yrs. He suffered dearly this past year and was hoping for a miracle. My dad passed away 3 yrs ago from lung cancer. My mom watched my dad pass from lung cancer 3 yrs ago, my brother 3 weeks ago, and me fighting to stay alive and to get through my ordeal with lung cancer. No mom should ever have to endure what she has this past 3 years. So I'm gonna lave for now. Anyone wants to talk im here ok? bye for now.


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    What type of lung cancer did you and your family members have?
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    janius said:

    What type of lung cancer did you and your family members have?

    HI, my dad had lung cancer in both lungs. We didn't know which type because he was 72 and he wouldn't be checked to see what kind it was. He wanted to die with dignity and not suffer from chemo and what ever else they would do to him.
    My brother, 48, had non small cell lung cancer..he had tumors in his chest too close to his heart, in his stomach, in his liver..every major organ except the brain.He passed 3 weeks ago.
    I had non small cell lung cancer. It was locallized in one portion of my lung. It was removed with surgery and chemo to bring the odds higher not to get it again.Im ok
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    Congratulations! As a lung cancer survivor, I can appreciate what you have accomplished. You are in the process of beating cancer AND you've gone on to complete your education. Wow! Isn't it great, when the doctor tells you that he/she doesn't have to see you for six months?! Before you know it, they'll say, "See you in five years." Keep up the good work!