First Annual Mammogram.... CLEAN

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I was on top of the world today. I had my first annual mammogram... after beating the beast. It was perfect.... Thank goodness the place I go to read it immediately for me.... I don't think I could have waited for 1 or 2 days for results... I managed not to go nuts before it .... but when I was sitting there waiting for them to read the results I was sweating bullets.... I knew logically that it should be fine... but boy did it feel good when she came back in with clean results..... One more Milestone down....

I haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face all day....

God Bless all of you that are either still fighting the beast or like me trying to make sure that the beast stays at bay...

Take Care...


  • pansylover
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    CONGRATS!!! and a high 5..woohoo...I go in next week for my 2nd yr mammo. I, too, am glad they read it before One leaves. that 1st one was a dinger..wait wait and they had to take MORE pics...but all was fine..
    God Bless :)

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    Great News! So happy for you.


  • katcam
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    that is such wonderful news!! the place i go reads them on the spot also and i'm glad they do, but waiting for them to come back is like torture!! especially if they come back for more views and then leave you sitting there waiting some more. i will go for my 2 yr in oct & i'm NERVOUS!! already!! last year i went, had the mammo, more views and more view and then i was taken down to sonogram.had to have 2 biopsies on the same side i had just finished rads on 6 months before that which turned out to be benign. it was a rough ride, but at least it turned out good. go out and celebrate - BIG TIME!! you earned it!! YAY!!
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    I am doing my EXTRA SPECIAL happy dance!!!!
    (one round is done COMPLETELY naked...and remember, I'm doing it got PRETTY ugly...hehehehe).
    I am soooooo happy for you, Susan...
    Susan 1
    The Beast 0 (as in Ziltch, nada, nix)


    Hugs, (always in control)Kathi