Power of Prayer

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Hey all, about a month ago, I posted a question regarding an elevated CEA and if it could ever be mis-read or not a sign or reoccurance. Graciously, many told me that an elevated CEA was a definite sign of cancer and that possibly the tumor was simply too small to be seen on CT scans or PET scans. Being a youth pastor, I tried to maintain faith, as this would be my third bout with the dreaded disease before turning 33, however my faith was shaken and I was scared to death. I called my friends and family, my pastor and we hit our knees in prayer regarding the seemingly bad news. The Dr. asked that I come back in a month for another blood test and a PET scan to see if he could see the tumor at that point. Well, that was today. I was dreading what news they would tell me. My CEA was back down to .8! That's right from well over the "normal level" back down to well within normal range! No chemo, no surgery, prayer folks. PRAYER. I don't know how you feel about spirituality, and of course me being a pastor, it was my first resort. However, as a survivor, I want to encourage you that no matter what the numbers say or what the doctors say, there is always hope and always healing! Thanks for listening to me. Let me know if I can pray for you, Bryan


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    Thank You so much for sharing your story. I also believe in the power of prayer and your posting is the re-enforcement. Sometimes it is difficult, the doubt comes in, and reading stories like this helps a lot.

    I hope that is the end of this disease for you.

    Take care and may God bless you and your ministry.

    Best wishes, Eleonora
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    I have this little church that has an AMAZING record for recovery as they turn their efforts to different people. I stay open to any form of help...and this church I visited after my crc was NED to thank them...to my surprise, most are in their late 70's or older, many feeble and seemingly not strong physically.
    BUT, I survived 2 seperate cancers in 18 months, and now a friend of mine (who they turned their attentions to) got great news on Friday...his brain cancer has changed from type 4 to type 3. He is under treatment by an oncologist, but in my heart I cannot deny the power of this small band of wonderful people.
    Hugs, Kathi
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    Bryan -

    What can you say to that? AMEN!

    Be well.

    - SpongeBob
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    A friend of mine says, "If you are going through hell, just keep on going."
    I have Stage IV and am NED for 2 months and I was talking to a friend who kept metioning my courage through this disease. I told her that you don't have to be so courageous to just take one step at a time doing what they tell you to do. Then it occurred to me that Jesus did that when he carried his cross. Just one step at a time and he had help from friends along the way. Maybe we can line our crosses up next to his as substitutes for the other two crosses that were there. "Thy will be done." is not until after we have had a talk with Jesus. Keeping in mind that we are all terminal. Everyone needs to have that talk. "You could walk out the door and be his by lightning," my daughter said. "Or a meteor," I said. "But Mom," she responded, "If you got hit by a meteor you'd be famous and people would walk by your tombstone and say, 'There's that lady who go hit by a meteor!'" Stay happy and trust God. "Thy Kingdom come." Always be ready. You never know you might get hit by a meteor.
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    Praise God! Yes, I would like you to pray for me and my husband, who is stage IV cc with mets to liver and also prostate cancer...just found out my brother has lung cancer...will keep you in prayer, God Bless! tia
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    Wonderful, post, Bryan. Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, prayers are powerful.

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    Bryan I am in the same boat right now as you. My CEA rose to a 6.5 and I just got done with my PET scan yesterday I am awaiting my results. I too believe in the power of prayer and YES please prayer for me as well. Thanks much Sue
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    I read your message earlier today but got too emotional to respond. Your message was very powerful to me and I thank you dearly for sharing. GOOD STUFF!!!!!! or should I say GOD STUFF!!!!!!

    Lisa P.
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    Prayer is powerful. God is good. Amen. Terri
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    I am a pastor and a survior too. I was dz March 2005 with stage IV, mets to my liver. God has healed me with the power of surgery, radiation, chemo but most importantly, prayer. As a pastor I tell many patients that the doctors can treat, but God heals.
    Brother you are in my prayers. I did youth ministry for 13 years. I still work with youth on special trips. Know that God is with you , and now a brother in Kentucky is praying for you too.