One down, One to go!

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Well, my dreaded colonoscopy is behind me (heheehhe) and I got GREAT NEWS....'normal' colon, no polyps, no lesions, and my reenstemosis (sp?) is normal!
So I have BEAT THE BEAST on the colorectal cancer!!!!!!!
Now, in radiation for the bc, I am determined to BEAT the BEAST AGAIN!!!!!
(one thing I asked, tho, since I have 12 inches LESS colon, shouldn't I get a discounted rate for the gastro didn't see the humor...)
Hugs, Kathi


  • LesleyH
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    Congratulations! Terrific news. I am so happy for you. My family think I have gone crazy because I jumped up and shouted YES!

    And you will do it again.

    And if you only have 1 breast, is a mammogram half price?


  • pansylover
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    Woo hoo for you Kathi! GO GIRL!!!
    and to answer your question last mammo was 1/2 priced 'cause I only had one boob looked at....
  • katcam
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    hooray!! so happy for you!! what wonderful news!! :-)
  • Susan956
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    So glad you have the first one down... and with your attitude and humor I have no doubt that the second beast will be slayed as well.

    Take Care... and keep having fun....

    I always enjoy your posts.

  • cat1switzerland
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    Congratulations, this is great! Hey, I loved radiation treatment. After chemo, it was such a breeze: "Lay down, don't move, relax": I could do that!

    We always talk about fighting cancer, beating the beast. What if instead of focusing on the fight against a few malignant cells, we focused on loving our bodies, its marvellous healing power?

    Or maybe it is like in a horror movie: when you laugh, suddenly the monster loses all its power...

    From what I've read from you, you can be our teacher in this laugh-it-away-see-if-I-care contest!

    Big hugs Kathi!