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Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if anyone is on or every was on Eribux/CPT11. My dad does not respond to Avistin or 5FU anymore and his tumors grew on Xeloda. This is his last resort. He is very very depressed. So much so that he does not leave the couch and only eats once a day. He lost 15 pounds in two weeks. I dont even know if its worth trying the Eribux/CPT11. I feel at this point its not worth it because he has no quality of life anymore. Also, I read Eribux is not proven to extend the life so why go on it to only have bad side effects. But then I think of how he was diagnoses with stage 4 last April and did Avistin/5FU and Oxplictan and he is here a year later and Im sure he would not be here today if he didnt go on that chemo. He says he is experience pain from his lungs now because the tumor is so big but my girlfriends mom had lung cancer and she never experienced pain from it just shortness of breath. So she says you dont usually expereince pain from lung tumors which I dont agree with. So if anyone is or has been on this combo can you please let me know how you did on it. Thank you all. Mindy


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    Hi Mindy,
    My husband did take the Erbitux/CPT11 chemo regime for a reoccurence. It did decrease the tumor size and than seem to stop. Several patients were on the same treatment and they responded well. Everyone is different.
    I would seek a second opinion at a large Cancer Center. It is worth it! He may have other options.
    We went for a second opinion at Sloane at the time of his reoccurence and the oncologist listed several drug combinations that my husband could take.At that time they wanted him to add Avastin to the Erbitux/CPT11 because it had a higher percentage of tumor decrease. We went without the Avastin because he had very high blood pressure (on it after liver resection) and his oncologist felt that since the goal was to remove the mass that it would be better to not have the Avastin.
    Sloane felt that Avastin did not fail him, but the drug was not given correctly.
    My husband was diagnose in October of 2003 with Stage IV. If your Dad is going to have the combination ask them if they will give him the new Blood test that came out in August of last year for tolerence to CPT11. I will look back at his records and try to remember the test name. I would go for the second opinion.
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    Hi Mindy.

    I used Erbitux/CPT-11 for one infusion last year but did not do well with CPT-11, so then I used Erbitux/Avastin. I'm on a break right now. I was already in remission when I started Erbitux/CPT-11 and then Erbitux/Avastin, but I have remained in remission and maybe it has something to do with those drugs. If you have any questions about these drugs, feel free to send me a CSN email.

    I wish the best for both you and your father.

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    Hi Mindy,
    I don't have an answer or suggestion for you and your dad but please know I will be thinking of you both. Audrey
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    My husband was on 5FU & Avistin,& Oxplictan...last Aug. thru Oct... cells did die, but he was so sick, onconlogist switch him to Xeloda,bad move, tumor in liver grew, now he is on Erbitux only..his story is the same as your father's only his pain is in his stomache, sometimes chest...tumor is 48% of liver...he goes from bed to TV chair and back...he's very frail and weak..we see oncologist tomorrow...will keep you in prayer..tia
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    Mindy: I've been on a break from Avastin/erbitux for two months now. I also tried CPt-11, but couldn't tolerate it.. my CEA went down from 21 to 3.3 while on Avastin/Urbitux, but a recent restaging shows that although there is some cavitation-(cell death) of my lung mets, others have continued to grow, so there is some benefit..? Bud