Colonoscopy on Thursday..

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I have to have a colonoscopy on May 11th and will do the Phospho-soda prep for this..I also will have to do the prep again on May 16th for liver resection surgery on May 17th..My gastrenologist never completed the first colonoscopy because he couldn't get by my rectal tumor on Oct. 12th, 2005 so I need this done before surgery. I dread doing the prep two times so close together...I stopped Folfox 6 treatments on April 21st to be stronger for the liver surgery and I feel real great now but the thoughts of the prep make me shiver..LOL..Wishing all a good week..Audrey


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    Hi Audrey,

    Somebody here mentioned that they put a portable TV or DVD player in the bathroom for this prep so that it would destruct the attention. I think it is a good idea. Maybe you could do something like this or a book, or a music, or crossword puzzle, etc.

    They do need to know what is going on inside before the surgery. You may want to ask if it is a good idea to do CT scan before the surgery also to be sure what they are doing.

    I read your postings. You are very strong and brave. Keep it up! God is with you, He will help you through.

    I will pray for the good outcome for you.

    My thoughts and prayers for you. Eleonora
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    Good luck with the prep, colonoscopy and upcoming surgery....remember to take one thing at a time; stay strong and focused! (And stay well hydrated during the prep!) Keep us posted. More prayers coming your way, Judy
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    good luck, for my last surgery I had a colonoscopy on a Thursday and my surgery on Friday. That way I only had to drink the awful prep once.
    maybe they could schedule you like that

    Good luck

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    Hang in there Audrey!!! Remember ...the preps are nothing compared to why you are doing them. Hey, I have bowel problems that cause me to have prep like situations a lot. Believe will do well. It is gross, but what else can you do? My prayers and thoughts are with you, Audrey as you get ready for important events that will have an impact on your life. Terri
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    hang in there audrey. i know how bad the colonoscopie preps are. just think there are 4 of us with 1 bathroom!! anyways i do feel for you having them done so close. by the way the vaseline thing would be a great protective coating so you dont get so raw. good luck and keep us posted. cherri