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Hi Everyone!
I started therapy. I have two therapists. One is for tendons that need stretching - One is for the lymphedema (not sure of spelling). Plus they gave me a glove for the swelling in my hand and told me to wear it at night. Has anyone had therapy for tight tendons or swelling and has anyone here had to wear the glove? - so far I don't really notice any difference in the swelling of my arm/hand. It does seem that it is getting easier to straighten my arm. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed & would be appreciated. These problems started this year after a biopsy for a lump under my arm which thankfully was scar tissue (they went through the same incision place that they used last year for the lymph node removal). I think this may have aggravated the lymph glands or something.


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    Haven't had any problems with swelling but early on a therapist recommended I wear compression sleeve when ever I travel. May want to ask them if there are any times during the day or during certain activities when you should wear it.
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    There is research being done on pycnogenol for lymphedema. Perhaps you could ask your health care provider. You don't need a prescription to buy it but it is expensive.