Mom's insurance problems

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Hello Online Family,
I hope you all are safe, happy, and well today and always!

Always know you are all in my thoughts and prayers each and everyday! ;)

But I really need some help/advise; so I am writng today for this reason ....

My mom called me today and is now having some difficulties with her insurance company (go figure - now that they've paid over $50,000.00 they are getting aggitated or whatever). So here is the story in a nutshell ...

- currently she is still receiving her health insurance and short-term disability (short-term to end soon)
- her insurance company is telling her they no longer want to pay for her health insurance premiums; and she should decide if she wants to continue with the cobra plan and long-term disability
- Her husband "needs" to have insurance as well. His is ending and he will be going on my mom's insurance as of 7/31/06
- they cannot afford her cobra insurance premiums per month
- they are looking into HIRSSA - an insurance through the state that does not dismiss you for
a pre-existing condition (higher premium payments per month as well)
- she's also looking into social security disability; but her husband "has to" have
insurance as well

Can "anyone" give me any advise on all of this insurance crap? I'm sorry... I'm just frustrated and just cannot understand "why" my mom has worked all of her life paying these premiums; and now when whe need it the most they are totally giving her a hard time.

Again, I would appreciate any advise any one of you could give to me, my mom, her husband, and just my family in general.

Love Always,
Mary from WI


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    1. Google the Wisconsin Insurance commission. Find out her rights in the state.
    2. Call 1-800-ACS-2345 (our ACS buddies) and talk to them.
    3. COBRA will be less than the other (HIPPA in California...see my post about FIGHTING HMOs if you want to call and ask about the same service in Wisconsin.)
    4. Check into low-income insurance, if it is appropriate. In California, it's called Medi-Cal.
    5. Ages of Mom and Dad? Close to Medicare? Google that.
    6. E-mail me here if you want to chat.
    7. Hug yourself for all of your hard work and worry about mom!

    Hugs, kathi