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I recently had an unexplainable staph infection which settled in my left elbow. It was horrible and to this day is extremely tender. A friend told me that if lymphs were tested, as were mine with lympectomy, I should be massaging that arm as the fluids build up due to the inability of biopsied lymphs to move the "infection fighting fluids" to properly circulate. I have never been advised of massaging and only that I should not allow blood pressure cuffs to be applied to my left arm. Anybody had an unexplainable infection or have knowledge of this situation. I had no injury, bites, cuts, etc. I was advised this would be a recurring condition.

I would also like to wish every one good health and strength for all who have been affected by cancer. I always encourage people to read this website. The knowledge, comfort and sharing is good for the soul! Thank you all!


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    I was 36 when diagnosed with IDC breast cancer stage 3 with 11 out of 21 positive nodes. I had surgery right away since my first lump had been imporperly diagnosed as fibrous cyst. I found a second lump in my arm pit that grew in a week. When the caner was found I had surgery in a week and chemo and radiation started a month after that. It wasn't till the after the second chemo treatment that I had a raging staph infection that put me in isolation for 8 days. At that time there was new drug out that they hadn't used yet and that was neurprogen which spurned the bone marrow into production of white cells something I lacked at the time.
    Staph could of been introduced at surgery and never been active if it hadn't have been for the chemo treatments. I think as long as we address any problems that occur and don't let them carry on we will do better. I took myself into the hospital quickly even though I was scared to death of more germs and sick people something that is very conscious in our thoughts.
    There are many things that linger in us and Cancer is another one of them that may stay there and really do nothing or due to individuality some of us are sticken with it.
    I hope this helps you,
    Be good to yourself always,
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    I FIRMLY agree with Tara. Awareness of your own body and the willingness to push to get answers are the key. As far as lymph nodes go, I lost 2 sentinal and 5 the "next layer out". I have been cautioned to be aware of this arm, and if any infection starts (even from a paper cut) I should treat with antibiotics (creams, or get script). It is true that the lymph node absence causes a less-than-perfect flow of fluid in and out of the arm.
    I keep well hydrated, also, to avoid water retention. AND I move this arm often, especially in airplanes, etc.
    I have, to date, not had an infection, nor have I used massage (but what a GOOD justification for a whole-body massage...I LOVE them!!!hehehe).
    With this infection, who was treating? Your PCP or Onc? If not the Onc, might mention it to him/her. I ALWAYS call EVERYONE (surgeon, PCP, Onc) when anything happens, I want them all to be on the same page!
    Thanks for the wishes....right back at you!