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I have'nt posted for a while,but M. my husband's ex-wife who has breast cancer, was wanting me to ask if anyone of you have had memory loss or confusion from oxycontin. The doctor told her because she has the cancer all over, that she is going to feel pain in her bones and such, but she does'nt have bone cancer though. She said she's amun to it now. It will be 3 years this October that she was diagnosed.


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    I can't say, for certain, but I think there is a thread about this on breastcancer.org
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    I have to say this is one of the side effects from this drug. I helped to take care of my mother in-law just 1.5 years ago when oxy was the craze. I have to say your ex's wife has done very well just the same. I found Oxycotin not a great drug and my mother in-law had trouble keeping anything down yet they kept feeding her up to 22 pills a day up until a week or so before her passing. I thought this was crazy since she had lung cancer and bone cancer and couldn't stand to see her suffer so. In her case she was diagnosed at pallitive state and survived only 8 months though being very different than the case you speak of.
    I did notice that she got very confused and didn't remember things quickly after starting to take it. She also hallusinated allot and I am not sure if it really did address the pain seemed more like sidation than anything to me. I finally snapped and got her on morphyne but there is a real relunctance sometimes to got to this because of addiction reasons among other things.
    I know people who have taken morphyne for years and never had such side effects. Yes some are illergic to this so have to resort to other things. I also did the methadone thing for my own personal pain issues but they were more nerve ending and nerve issues than bone pain. I took this for over 3 years after being in constant pain for almost 4 years after treatments for my own breast cancer over 9 years ago. I know a little about the subject.
    I hope this helps,