Cottage dreams

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I wanted to let people know of a program we are currently involved in. Unfortunatly it is only in Ontario (not sure how many people are from Ontario), however it is run by the Canadian Cancer Society. People donate their cottages to families who have been affected by cancer, for one week (any time of year). You have to have finished treatments by the time you are scheduled to go. It is just their way of helping to take some of the pain away, and try to get away from the everyday life if even for one week. Anyhow, if you go onto the CCS website, there will be info there about it.


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    Cool, Sylvia, what a wonderful thing to do!!!
    I have a friend who let me use her cabin in the mountains for a week...even made me breakfast...

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    That is a beautiful program.
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    HI Sylvia:

    What a wonderful program. A little compassion goes a long way in helping someone to heal! HOpe you'll be able to take advantage of the program and you'll have to post some pictures for us!