wedding was great!

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Hi Everyone,
I hope that you're all doing well.
Just thought I'd share that the wedding was great! My daughter looked beautiful, everything went smoothly and all the guests seemed to have a good time.
To answer some questions from my previous post, I have 4 more children to marry someday, hopefully not soon, sons who are 24 and 18 and daughters who are 16 and 14.
Also kathi, I'm already a granny. I have 2 grandsons, ages 5 and 3. I'm 48 now and definately wasn't ready, but they're great. Watching them dance and have fun at the wedding was a lot of fun for me.
The guest list is always difficult. It seems no matter what we did it always grew beyond what we originally wanted to do. We always do relatives first, then close friends, then look at the rest of the list and try to take off the people that we really aren't that close to or don't see that often. I hope that helps.
Take care,


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    I am glad that your daughter had a great day. I was working on my daughter's guest list and we are at about 250. YIKES!!! I am glad I only have one girl. I hope you have lots of pictures.

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    Jamie - congrats - it sounds great. My daughter is 23 and tells me she will have to know a guy 10 years before marrying him, so I am not expecting to have to pay for a wedding anytime soon!

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    I'm so happy for you, Jamie, that everything went so well. And OF COURSE your daughter looked beautiful, was there EVER a doubt????
    I can hardly wait to see your cute!
    I'm looking forward to MANY pics!!!
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    Delighted you all had a good time

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    finner said:

    Delighted you all had a good time


    Great to hear the day turned out well Jamie, My daughter is a bit like Betsy's...won't be getting married in a hurry(she is 27). When she does decide and wants a guest list I'm gunna go into hibernation....find a log to hide under!
    cheers Ross n Jen