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Any suggestions of how to alleviate thrush? My sister has started chemo and has developed thrush. Thanks.


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    I'd have her talk to her oncologist or chemo nurse. I had thrush early on in my treatments, and they gave my a swish and swallow mouth rinse called Nystatin. It didn't work for me, and I then used fluconazole pills, which did the trick.

    I've also heard that probiotics, yogurt and cranberry juice may help.
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    Or you can just gargle with bleach... although the yogurt, cranberry juice and mouthwash are probably a more pleasant experience!

    Hmmmm... maybe if I mix a little bleach in the clear pure Nepalese spring water... Nah... I'll just play it safe and drink my tequilla!

    - SB
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    Yogurt works really well - plain, unsweetened and, with luck organic. Chemo kills everything.....good and bad from mouth to tail; putting the natural flora back in our system is key. If you are really against milk products the probiotic might be for you, but I even held a spoonful of yogurt inmy mouth for 20-30 seconds before swallowing which helped. All the best to you - Maura
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    Hi Lfrjar,

    My mom gets thrush from antibiotics sometimes. She uses Acidophilus in a pill form. Not sure if the spelling is correct. Yogurt is a good source of this also but is not concentrated enough sometimes. You can ask a pharmacist about this. Sending good vibes to your sister because I understand what she is going through.