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Hi, it's Lee (Pink 05) again. I just want to thank all of you that responded to my message. You don't realize how much you have all helped me and made me feel so much more encouraged. I definitely plan on keeping in touch with all of you and letting you know how things go with my dad. Your support and prayers mean so much to me. My dad is going to be continuing with his second treatment on Mon. This time he will have avastin added. I am somewhat suspicious of the met that was found on his liver through the CAT. I will try to get him to have a PET to confirm the met, however, my dad's onc seems very confident that it is a cancerous lesion on the liver. Prior to my dad's surgery, they found some suspicious things on his liver and lungs. My dad's surgeon wanted to do a PET to see what they were, and turned out they were not cancerous. Apparently, this spot that was just found on the liver is new and was not there on my dad's last CAT. I guess that's why the onc is so confident that it is cancer.

I also have another question to run by you guys... I asked my dad's onc how long he would have to be on chemo now that he is stage IV. He said we would take it step by step. But he then said that only about 5% of stage IVs don't relapse even when they are considered NED (meaning that my dad's cancer will most likely relapse in a short period of time). Do any of you know how true that is? I try not to listen to stats but it's sometimes hard not to when you are talking to someone who is supposed to be an expert in this. I guess only God knows, and I just have to keep praying and putting my faith in him. Thanks for listening everyone!!!

God bless,



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    Lee -

    The PET scans should give a pretty good indiction if the lesions are active cancer or not. I don't really know what the statistics are regarding recurrance of cancer in NED stage IV folks, but I can speak for myself as one who has a genetic form of cancer (also subject to recurrence after beinf NED)... keep a robust surveillance program in place. I know that the odds are very good that my cancer will return - I plan to be ready for it, physically and emotionally, and I plan to catch it early and kill it as agressively as possible.

    Wishing you and your dad the very best - and reminding you both that the "odds" are for Vegas. Listen to your body, get checked often, and take care of yourself!


    - SpongeBob
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    Hi Lee,

    I want to say you alway try and beat the odd with everything you've got. Nobody knows for sure but god. There are people on this website that have beaten the odds and they are our inspiration. HUGS and good vibes you and your dads way. Will be thinking of him on Monday!