Two years ago this week

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This same week two years ago my mom went to the hospital for a gall bladder removal, or so we thought. During the procedure they found cancer did some biopsies and sent her home to figure out what to do. After surgery, a mis diagnosis, 7 months of treatments for ovarian cancer, the return of all the tumors, another surgery, this time for colon cancer, 6 months of treatments for colon cancer, she had her first post treatment CAT scan and yesterday was told her scans look all clear. Her Dr. said he sees no signs of the disease in the area where the last tumor was removed, her chest scan looks great and her bllod work is amazing for the treatments she has been through. No need for any booster shots, she had her port flushed and he said he will see her in 6 weeks for bloodwork. My moms case was strange from the start, never a sign of cancer in the bloodwork so my guess is we are taking the clinical approach to watching how she is doing. I am going to go to her 6 week follow up to see what he says. I hardly ever post here but this sight and all of you have been my lifeline for the past two years, I am on daily to see how eveybody is doing and all of you have given me hope, and help when I thought I just couldn't handle this anymore. I try to see what works for different people so when my mom goes to the doctor I am always armed with different questions and optionsand I would like to thank each and every one of you for that. For now I am going to thank god again as I have done daily through this and enjoy the next 6 weeks with my mom. No treatments, no doctors appointments, what a change. I am taking her to Gaitlinburg for palm sunday weekend and just enjoying every minute god has given me with her. Thanks again to all of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.



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    Lisa, What great news; your mom sounds like a real trooper. And to hear that the scans came back clear is wonderful. This post treatment follow up phase brings its own anxieties, but after all she has been through, it'll be great to get back to a routine that doesn't revolve around doctor's appointments! Give her a hug and high five from me and thanks for your continued prayers. Judy
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    Yahoo!!!!!!! Stories like hers are soo incredibly uplifting. So glad she is doing so well. Sounds like the original diagnosis was terrible.

    Hope your mom continues to get nothing but good news. Enjoy palm sunday and easter with the family. Don't forget to use the cancer to appreciate life and time together!!

    stay well, jana
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    Tell your mom WAY TO GO! Happy stories help EVERYONE, regardless of where they are on this journey!

    Have a great weekend in Gatlinburg...AWESOME PLACE!


    P.S. You know, your mom raised a pretty amazing daughter, too! Wonderful caregiver!
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    What great news to get on an important anniversary! After reading many stories posted here, I am amazed at how often colorectal cancer is misdiagnosed. I'm so glad things worked out so well with your Mom. Enjoy Palm Sunday!