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Thanks to everyone for all the kind words on Tuesday (from my earlier post regarding my moms clean scan results). SpongeBob was correct when he said that now the period of "worrying about every little tummy ache begins !" Needless to say, my mom is getting tired of watching us freak out everytime she sneezes.

One another note, did anyone ever touch base with Andrea in Montreal? I would love to know how she is doing.



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    Now? Mine started the day my head was buzzed and found some "old lady skin". Went to dermo, thinking skin ca. He (young man) said never was, could be. I told him I had "canceritis'(you know...everything is) so he froze it off. Bugger hurt for awhile, people thought I'd gotten a tatoo, but now its great. Don't be too hard on yourself, obviously it's love for mom.