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I am a year and a half out and man am I down...can't seem to pull myself out of this deep deep one seems to understand.....any one else having such a struggle?


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    Hi, Cancer and its treatment is not easy, not just the physical part but the emotional part too. It is not uncommon to feel depressed. I was very depressed too for a long time so I finally saw a psyquiatrist and she helped me come out of it. When the tumor was back, I felt more depressed than before but I knew what had worked for me so I called the psyciatrist again and she helped me come out of it again. I have a rare cancer with no cure so every so often I get depressed and I see a therapist for a short time (my psychiatrist moved). It happens to many cancer patients and that is why many hospitals have social workers that can help you deal with all this.
    People that have never gone through the same thing cannot understand why would you feel depressed if you are out of treatment and can enjoy life again.
    This is what helped me and I recommend it.
    All the best,
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    My doctor prescribed Xanax (the lowest does possible - as needed - not to exceed 3 a day) and I don't think I could get through this nightmnare without it. The anxiety I feel after going through tongue surgery is overwhelming. I can't talk right and my neck scars would scar small children. You don't have to suffer. Make your doctor prescribe something for you. It is very normal to be depressed and to experience anxiety when going through this. Good luck.
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    How are you doing this week? Hope the good advice you got last week has helped. Our brains are weird, and sometimes they just ignore all the good things and go into a funk for no reason. Try fooling yourself; works for me most of the time. Just for the sake of those near and dear to you, act like you're not depressed. You don't want them depressed, too. You'll be surprised. Going through the motions and acting happier will slowly seep into your gray matter and you will actually feel better. I hope you enjoy brighter days soon.
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    I'm also a year and a half out of treatment...nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Went through some pretty deep depression. Just couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, and although I intellectually understood what was happening to me, I could not control my emotions. Army doc treated with a low dose of Wellbutrin which helped significantly. Have been off of that for six months. Am back at work and feeling good. Still have periods of anxiety, especially when nearing periodic PET scan and MRIs, but seem to be able to control those moments. Talk to your doc about Wellbutrin...its fairly new and it worked for me... Good luck!!!