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I posted about a month ago. Since then had another CT scan found 4mm lung nodule and ultrasound found 2.4 cm "pelvic mass" on (?) ovary. I guess not too big or bad. Saw onc gyn and he decided to do mammogram (had been on watch about 1 year ago) in March, and another CT and ultrasound in May and possibly surgery in May/June. No CA 125 surprised me. Should I ask for one? I have many symptoms that brought me to doctor in the first place 1- 2 years - urinary frequency, urgency, microscopic hematuria, bowel problems, bowel bleeding, weight gain, bloating, intercourse pain...I will stay positive while waiting but I am a little nervous. Any ideas? Also a special prayer for BonnieR and mopar who wrote back to me the 1st time and are so brave and caring of others. I hope both are well.


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    Glad to see you saw a gyn/onc. He must think it's not cancer but you could ask for a ca125 blood test. Especially if it would put your mind at rest. It sounds like they are being watchful but must not think it is cancerous or they would have you in surgery a lot faster. What did they say? Was it fluid filled cysts?

    Prayers adn hugs