can't shake the monkey on my back

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The monkey on my back is NAUSEA. How do I get rid of it? I tried zofran, but it makes me constipated.
I had surgery to put in a hepatic pump three weeks ago and I assumed nausea was expected. Last week, they gave me an infusion of FUDR in the pump and I have been naseous ever since.

Is there another nausea pill that won't cause as much constipation? Thanks for any advice.


  • Doreen65
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    Don't know about another pill did you ask your oncologist? Compazine sp? I think I may have used too. I was told Zofran was the best though. Did you try some peppermint tea with ginger? You can use powdered ginger or fresh ground up to sip on. I even found gingerale helpful for me. I hope you are feeling better. Doreen ~
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    Hi :
    Zofran works the best for my husband but makes him constipated as well- he finds if he takes 2 senocot (stool softeners) each night when he is taking zofran- it seems to get rid of the constipation..
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    Hi Optimist:

    I am on FOLFOX now and having almost 0 symptoms. Very minor nausea while I am on the pump but totally free of all symptoms since the day the pump was taken away. I attribute all this to a extract I get from China made from the Reishi mushroom. The stuff you get here doesn't work, it has to be the super potent powder stuff from China. It's kept me energetic, hungry and happy as a lark while on FOLFOX. If you're interested in this more, please let me know.

    Aside from that, I read that miso soup and ginger candy really help from one of my books. A lady was quoted saying that her husband got off nausea medicine by simple drinking miso soup, which makes sense because it's slightly salty and full of protein. You can get miso in a Chinese or Japanese grocery and just mix it with hot water.

    Good luck to you!