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I was reading your recent reply to the erbitux post- are you just on erbitux or is it combined with something else- and what did you try before the erbitux? is so very encouraging to read such good results.
Thank you so much for the information.


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    Initially my b/f was on Erbitux with 5FU- Erbitux every week and 5FU every second week. He had clear scans in September last (previous mets to liver in June 2005- initial diagnosis for colon cancer in November 2004- then staged Dukes C/Stage 3 with positive nodes) and was changed to Erbitux every 2 weeks combined with Xeloda (oral form of 5FU- 14 days on 7 days off). Further clear scans in January, so now it's Erbitux every 3 weeks with Xeloda. Hope this helps and please email me if there's anything else that I can tell you. Jo
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    In addition to my weekly Erbitux, I am doing CTP 11 every two weeks. I did have 6 months or so of Fol-Fox (5 FU, oxyplatin, lucavorin and Avastin) then I had surgery in Sept 04 where they removed 60% of my liver and a small piece of my colon. Then they did Hepatic Pump Therapy as seen in this video. This is also my Oncologist. I followed the surgery up with 6 months of FUDR in the pump and CPT 11 systemically. In June of 05 they found some tumors in my lungs (they were on the radar from the beginning but they were stable and weren't sure what it was. It did turn out to be tumors) so I started on the Erbitux/ CPT 11 mix. I've had about 30 something treatments of that. When I started in the summer, I found that swimming lessened the rash a little. I had it kind of bad in my opinion but the nurses did tell me that many people do have it much worse than I did. It did spread to my torso and legs but now it's really not bad at all. I did nothing special with my diet except I started to make fresh juice about 2 months ago and that was mainly to help with the side effects of the CPT 11. I had pretty bad constipation and stomach cramps and I found that the juicing helped with my digestion and it also gave me more nutrients. I had been having positive results prior to the juicing so I can't say that it did wonders for me. It did help with the cramps though. I know there are some in this group who swear that juicing alone has cured them. I make no such claim but I figured it can't hurt as long as it's done in moderation. So I really can't say anything else I did. I think I was kind of lucky with my side effects.
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    Thank you both for your reply- phil- what kind of juice do you make that provides you with cramping help (the camptosar gives my husband cramps as well)
    Thanks- Bev